Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support and your loyalty.

Luca/Modern Italian Kitchen closed on April 1st, 2018

The decision is not the result of a lack of success or sluggish sales. (Don't believe everything you read) It's quite the contrary and in fact we have never been more accomplished. The restaurant has consistently done more volume than ever.

This is the impetus. We have made this choice in order to put our family first. Right now is the time that matters most. We have a delicious 4 year old and after a few life altering experiences all the precious time we have to share with our family and friends is now a top priority.

You see, when we set out all those years ago we had benchmarks. Certain boxes that needed checks almost non negotiable for us to ever consider ourselves a success. All of those boxes have been checked. Our main objective was to create a retreat from this crazy world so inviting it would lull our patrons into a relaxed frame of mind ultimately allowing them to fully enjoy the most poignant moments of their lives as they unfolded. This is what I am most proud of. We have been part of the fabric of people's lives. We have witnessed births, deaths, marriages, sickness, healing, new ventures and grand plans all part of the human experience. It has greatly enriched us personally.

What was most gratifying is that truly the odds were so stacked against us. We opened our first location in a place that had quite a history. As some of you may recall (true story google couldn't even find us on a map at the time). We were told if, "if y'all don't serve fried chicken and Mountain Dew you'll never make it." Well we always knew we had something unique. We had a never ending desire to create something exquisitely beautiful. Eventually we proved the naysayers wrong and with it came the delightful opportunity to test our limits with gorgeous local food that mattered. We were on a mission. It took 11 months to transform the space with blood, sweat and tears galore. Our dining room was our living room. We laughed a lot. We drank a lot. But most off all we loved what we do. Everyday has been a gift. That has never changed. We have had the privilege of meeting our very best friends. There have been relationships that we have established that we will maintain forever.

When telling a dear friend of our plans he mentioned that our greatest attribute was not our ability to offer a place to relish life's ordinary moments. It was a special insight to discern when those particular moments would later become significant memories in the grand spectrum of things. He also mentioned, "it's ironic because the very thing that brought you success was the very thing that now impedes the life that you deserve to create with your own family." Now it's time to make more heartwarming memories of our own. We have been honored to be your choice of establishments to frequent. I hope when you look back on the times you have shared with us and smile. It is with great anticipation that we usher into this new phase of our lives personally and professionally. It is with tremendous gratitude we bid you farewell for now. Please stayed tuned for we have many plans on how to indulge that food & beverage itch you may have with more lasting prolific memories to create in the near future.


Raise A Glass,

Jessica & Luca Annunziata


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